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Our past seller clients send us new business by referral constantly. This is because we made the process of selling their homes a very quick and painless one. We realize that selling your home can be complicated, as well as an emotional experience, and we want to be there every step of the way, doing all of the work. Below is a list of services that we offer, in order to sell your home as quick as possible, at your desired price.

I’m not doing our sellers a service by misleading them or letting them proceed without a thorough, honest and objective evaluation of their property prior to pricing and going to market. Let me give you this opinion, but also ideas and strategies to improve your property in the current market environment.

Properties listed at the right price sell fastest and put the most money into their sellers’ pockets. Under–pricing, isn’t common, but can cost you money if it backfires. Over–pricing is a really bad practice that can keep a property on the market longer than necessary and end up with price reductions and low–ball offers. 

Markets are like the weather, always changing. I’ll keep you updated on market conditions and how they may call for price changes or other actions to adapt.

Good markets or slow markets, buyers are always trying to pay the lowest price or negotiate for seller concessions. I do this every day, and I’ll help you to respond to offers and counter offers unemotionally and with the very best end result.

Price negotiations are only the beginning. Once a contract is in place, there are documents, disclosures and inspections to get past. Any of these items can result in further negotiations and can make or break a deal. A way prevent some of these is to handle potential objections before they occur. IE. take care of maintenance items before listing, do a pre-listing  home inspection.

Dozens of detailed tasks, document deliveries, deadlines, inspections and mortgage details are all in store between a price agreement, contract and a closing. I’m on every one of them and will keep your transaction organized and moving.


Marketing your home is a very important step in the sales process, and we offer many different services which we will recommend to you depending on the age and the state of your home. Below is a list of services that we offer.




Let’s cut through the hype you may be seeing in regards to Internet marketing of real estate. I am sure you have heard of  realtors using their own social media sites and websites through the use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to market your home. Doing this can be helpful in the sale of your home, however,  hyping up this SEO and site traffic is really ignoring the reality of the Internet and any single website’s visibility; unless you’re Yahoo or Google. There is no single realtors website that’s likely to enjoy more than a single digit percentage of searches performed by buyers looking for local properties. That’s because there are hundreds or thousands of realtor sites and they’re all fighting for searchers, but these searchers are also using a half dozen search engines or other resources to locate real estate in our area.

Why tell you this? I want you to learn about the power of “syndication,” and why I spend significant resources, time and effort in syndicating your listing information to a great many real estate websites much larger and more heavily visited than any local realtor website, including my own. I have systems in place to have your listing on dozens of websites, including Google, Real Estate Channell, BackatYouMedia, Cityblast, Facebook, Youtube, Juwai,,, and others, and within days of your listing going live.

So, although I’m getting great search engine and social media exposure, I’m not relying on it to be my only resource to sell your home through online marketing. Each of those sites to which I syndicate your listing will have links back to the original and complete listing at my website. It’s there that I shine in marketing your home once I’ve attracted visitors from these other sites.

  • I take a full and expert suite of professional quality images of your home. These images will showcase your property and are critical to Internet marketing. Surveys prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that buyers value high quality images more than any other feature of real estate listings.
  • Virtual tours when appropriate are created for your property. Some properties are better marketed with still photographs, others with a slide show of stills, and some with a video and voice–over. I’ll work with you to produce the very best marketing approach for your property.
  • Thorough professionally written text descriptions and very thorough information fields to bring every facet of your property to the prospective buyer.
  • Once a buyer gets to my site from these many conduits, I don’t just let them look and leave. I offer showings and other special information about the market and your property in exchange for their contact information. If I can get into direct contact with them, it’s going to increase my chances of selling your property to them.


Push the button below, enter your information, and we will send you a free evalutation of your home, it’s that simple! 


Keep your finger on the pulse of the market by having
your own Free Lightning Fast Listings Website. No need to search the internet everyday for 48 hour delayed listings. Listings that fall under your search criteria will upload to your personal site everday as FAST as a realtor can get them. Perfect for Buyers and Sellers whether you’re looking for a new home or watching prices in your area!

“Our excitement about finally being in a position to purchase our first home was quickly tempered by the harsh realities of trying to navigate through the complicated and sometimes intimidating world of real estate buying. Luckily for us we found Ben Catalano. Ben has a soft sell approach to his work that helped create a feeling of trust with us that he not only had our best interests in mind but that we could rely on him to answer our many questions. He guided us as we viewed suitable properties and eventually helped in the negotiating and successfull purchase of a home we are truly proud to own!”


“Bens services were extraordinary. He went beyond the expectations of an agent, very corteous and personable. He is caring and easy to work with. I am very greatful for his kindness, understanding and patience. The process of buying my first condo was stressful but he made it as easy as possible answering all my questions and concerns along the way. Even after moving in he made sure I was comfortable adressing questions I had about the appliances. Thank you so much Ben!”

-Caroline P.

“We were selling are first home and Ben guided us through all the steps. He is very helpful, informative, professional and prompt. Thanks for selling our first home! He would be our choice if we buy/or sell another home!

-Chitose and Van K.

“We were selling are first home and Ben guided us through all the steps. He is very helpful, informative, professional and prompt. Thanks for selling our first home! He would be our choice if we buy and/or sell another home!

-Chitose and Van K.

We are so pleased with Bens services!!! Bens years of experience was outstanding. Ben investigated the market, provided us with all the facts, and discussed with us the unique details that related to us specifically……As a result, Ben sold our home very quickly and we think that’s due to his experience in pre-qualifying all prospective buyers and negotiating the best price and terms for us. In Ben we Trust!”

-Lil and Dave C.

“Paul and I wanted to thank you for the service you provided in selling our home in Burnaby. After receiving proposals from several other Real Estate agents, it seemed most reasonable to choose someone with experience and knowledge of the housing market in our area. Your marketing strategy sold the house quickly with minimal upset to our family and you were able to negotiate the best price. Thank you so much for your time and attention.

Diane, Paul Jacob and David K.


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